Year 5 – Homework

Homework – Due 25th June

Maths homework

Page 31 (adding and subtracting fractions). Where fractions have a different denominator, children need to find a lowest common denominator in order to complete the calculation. Children will need to firstly watch the Conquer Maths tasks we’ve set before completing the page, if they need support. As we have given 4 videos plus a task, there will be on SPAG task for this week.

Plus weekly reading of home reading book (4 x per week minimum).


Children need to log on to the Reading Plus website with the details they have been given. We would like them to use this for one session a week (minimum) at  home, in place of our fluency homework. Children can be totally independent for this task. Many thanks for this, as we are sure it will prove really useful!


Many thanks for your continued support,


Y5 team