SPAG homework due Friday 20th September:
Page 11 (adverbs). Success criteria at the top of the page. I’ve also attached a couple of images to jog some memories!

Maths homework due Friday 20th September. Page 4 (counting in powers of 10). We would like children to have a go and we will review the questions next week. Children have been taught to draw out a place value grid to help them set their numbers out and figure out which column the number is changing in. Some children have been set a Conquer Maths activity instead (they have been told) and should instead log on to Conquer Maths and complete the activity, which will appear at the top of their screens. We’ve attached some success criteria pictures which may help.

Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please. Some children have been reading books from home whilst waiting to find their new ZPD scores – that’s absolutely fine! All children should be able to read a school stage book now that the tests have been done.

We also give out weekly certificates for any children who are excelling with Conquer Maths and Read Theory and choosing to access these in their free time. Children have log-in details for these in their reading records.

Many thanks for your support,

Y5 team