Curriculum Lead : Mrs N. Foley

Kader Academy aims to develop little people who feel safe and happy. We want them to develop a strong sense of pride, not only in themselves, but of their local area and its heritage. We value the importance of strong relationships with our families and our sense of community is at the heart of all we do. We know that our diversity is our strength and we will strive to ensure that the children’s compassion and kindness makes the world a better place. We will inspire curiosity through engaging experiences that promote a profound love of learning. We want them to know that their learning knows no bounds and with self-belief and determination, they can achieve the impossible


At Kader Academy RE lessons are intended to offer a broad and rich RE curriculum, to allow for coverage of a range of religious and non-religious world views. The lessons have an intention of providing a high quality, coherent and progressive experience of the subject. Through each unit, children will have the opportunity to think outside of their own experiences, whilst learning to appreciate others responses and develop their own skills and understandings.