Curriculum Lead : Mr T. Trow 


Kader Academy aims to develop little people who feel safe and happy. We want them to develop a strong sense of pride, not only in themselves, but of their local area and its heritage. We value the importance of strong relationships with our families and our sense of community is at the heart of all we do. We know that our diversity is our strength and we will strive to ensure that the children’s compassion and kindness makes the world a better place. We will inspire curiosity through engaging experiences that promote a profound love of learning. We want them to know that their learning knows no bounds and with self-belief and determination, they can achieve the impossible

At Kader Academy, we recognise that a child’s access to Music and the Creative Arts, is as important as reading, writing, mathematics and the sciences. At this early stage in pupil development, it is important to give them the opportunity to explore all avenues of learning, and allow them to reach their potential.

Our music curriculum focusses on the cornerstones of music understanding and appreciation; performance, listening, music history, composition, and learning the basics of stave notation. In addition, we are also keen for pupils to learn instruments within school, and learn to use basic composition and recording software, namely Garageband effectively as a learning tool.

Intent: Why our Music curriculum looks like this

Provide and exciting and varied curriculum for all pupils, which develops with their skill set.

Ensure that no pupil is left behind, by providing a range of ability appropriate activities and materials.

Ensure that, by Year 6, all pupils have produced a good standard of compositional work, have performed as part of an ensemble, know how to sing a Sol Fa, and have knowledge of both C major and A minor on the piano keyboard.

Utilise live instruments and music technology to learn to work and perform together.

Exceed minimum statutory guidance for the subject, through workshops and creative linking of the curriculum

Give children access to a range of instruments, musical styles, and performance and listening opportunities.

Implementation: How we will achieve this

Regular singing and performance programmes in KS1 and KS2

External and internal instrumental classes

Use of ICT and recording technology

Engaging and informative subject and practical-based lessons which tie directly into termly topics in KS2, based around the Cornerstones curriculum, and build a framework to do this through KS1 through basic music theory and extensive practical work.

Use of planning tools from LCP, Tes and other recognised subject resources.

Explicit teaching of vocabulary both within sessions.

Regular opportunities to access music in all the forms deemed appropriate and used not only for education, but also for relaxing, focusing and stimulating.

Provide support for parents with regards to their child’s furthering their musical education

Impact: The approach at Kader will ensure that:

The implementation of this curriculum will ensure that pupils have a steady progression of learning music both alongside and independent of their other subjects over their years at the school.
It means that pupils will leave Kader with a good understanding of music and genre, with an ability to think creatively, and have all the tools necessary to continue their musical learning into their further education.