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Little People, Big Dreams

Year 6

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’”

Our Mindset:

Year 6 is a challenging year for many reasons, not just the academic. It is also our chance to shine; to mature; to be responsible; to be proactive and to push ourselves to the very best of our abilities. We strongly believe that EVERYONE CAN with the right mindset and determination. We know that our brain can and will grow if we use the right strategies! Our teachers believe in us all so much and remind us at every opportunity how mindset changes everything!

Our Teachers:

Mrs Emms, Mrs Lee, Mr Hurley, Mrs Rahmani and Mr Moore know their stuff and are always there to help us if we need it! The staff are firm but fair but we all have a good laugh too!

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Every year, many Y6 pupils worry about their SATs tests in May. We understand that the children have missed a big chunk of learning so they may be even more apprehensive than usual! Since the childrens return in September, they have been working their socks off each and every day to catch up on missed learning! As they are starting to settle in ‘6’, they are now beginning to realise that they are not that scary really! Instead, it just gives them a chance to show off what they can really do! In 2022, Year 6 SATs week will take place on the week beginning Monday 9th May. The SATs tests will take place throughout the week, ending on Thursday 12th May.


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Emms
Mrs Lee
Mr Hurley
Mrs Rahmani
Mr Moore

Reading, Reading, Reading!

It is so vitally important that, now your child is in Year 6, they are reading daily for around 30 minutes. The difference 30 minutes makes to a child’s proficiency is PROFOUND! This could be independent reading or reading with an adult, or using Reading Plus. Without it, your child will not develop stamina for reading for Year 7, will not develop their vocabulary to meet the demands of the Y6 curriculum and will not keep up with their peers- it really is THAT important. Our lives are so incredibly busy, but for all of us, developing your child as a reader must be priority. We promise 20 minutes of decoding a day in school (with additional work on reading skills on top of this). An additional 30 minutes at home would help your child to SOAR!


Before we leave to go to Secondary School, we would usually visit our new schools and get to know the layout of the building, the teachers and the kind of things we will be doing. The Y7 teachers would also come into our school to prepare us for our start in “Big School”. This helps us to feel more at home when we start in September. Hopefully, this will be something we can do in 2021.


Homework is a very important part of Year 6. We need to get into the good routine of being organised and independent learners. We will bring home Literacy and/ or Numeracy on a Thursday to be handed in the following Thursday. Science will be brought home Thursday to be handed in the following Thursday. We can also use Conquer Maths and Read Theory to help us with our learning in school. We also know that reading for 30 minutes each day helps us LOTS!


Our mathematics’ vision is to promote curiosity, enjoyment and a love and thirst for challenge and learning. It is ambitious and creative, empowering our children to become independent, resilient and successful mathematicians. We strive to develop a life-long love of learning mathematics and the skills to play an active, creative and responsible role in society. In order for your child to transition into the KS3 curriculum (Year 7), a sound understanding of number and place value is needed. We understand that the Math work begins to get a little tricky and for that reason, we highly recommend the use of Conquer Maths which has short video tutorials for all the Y6 Math objectives. Like anything, if we do not practise new skills then we will never master it.

Marrick Priory

Every year, Y6 get the opportunity to go to Marrick Priory for a residential visit. We do outdoor activities such as rock climbing and canoeing which help us to be confident, brave and work better as a team. Some children have never been away from their parents before, so this experience can help make them more independent. This Year we will be going to Marrick on Monday 24th May – More Information to follow


Topic is at the heart of our Curriculum and feeds into all aspects of our learning. In Year 6, we explore a range of History, Geography and Science topics which allow us to expand our knowledge and skills. We have already begun to investigate Victorian Britain, learn about a very special monarch and compare our lives to that of a Victorian child! Throughout the year we will build upon our knowledge of important historical people and places (especially those within our local area), delve deep into scientific enquiries, find out about climate zones and the animals that inhabit those places and much, much more! Knowledge organisers will be sent home for each which will allow you and your child to engage with the key knowledge and vocabulary at home. This will help greatly with embedding this new information into their long term memories.

Latest Year 6 News

Year 6 – What We Did This Week W/C 16/05/22

Year 6 – What We Did This Week W/C 16/05/22

As part of our activities on National Numeracy day, the Year 6 children took part in a Guinness World Record for the largest group of people ‘rolling numbers’. Well done Year 6!

Year 6 – What We Did This Week W/C 25/05/2022

Year 6 – What We Did This Week W/C 25/05/2022

After a busy week, we spent Friday afternoon making Eid cards in Year 6. Eid Mubarak to all of our families celebrating next week! We’ve had a very busy start to the new term! We’ve started our new class book ‘The Elsewhere Emporium’ which we are excited to read after...