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Year 1

In Year 1 we reach for the stars!

Welcome to Year 1…

This year is crucial for transition. This is the year the children move on from the Early Years profile and onto the national curriculum. We are passionate about ensuring children receive the diet they need to be successful. We understand that many children will still need time to transition, therefore the Reception and Year 1 team work very closely to ensure information is shared and plans are put into place to support the children moving into Year 1. Learning through play continues to be valued, with carefully planned provision to challenge and interest the children. Teaching and learning is mindful of the Early Years profile and we spend time nurturing the prime areas of learning. Speaking and listening is key within our lessons and creativity can be found within our whole curriculum. Children become sportsmen, singers and actors, keen historians and scientists just to name a few! Our curriculum is full, rich and varied and children love to learn!

Our motto!

In year one we teach children to reach for the stars! We encourage children to try new things, take chances and persevere. We have created a positive growth mindset where children are happy to share their ‘marvellous mistakes’ with others to drive forward learning.  Our teachers believe we are all stars and we believe it too!


In Year 1 we believe that high quality phonics teaching is the key to creating confident, fluid readers. We use Read, Write, Inc as a base for our phonics teaching, but have adapted it to suit the needs of our own children at Kader. We operate our phonics lessons in small groups so that children are receiving the phonetic diet that they really need. We send home books that are carefully matched to children’s confidence in phonics and complete regular phonic assessments to keep a handle on progress and children’s needs.  We have seen fantastic progress in phonics and children within year 1 leave us with firm foundations ready for their next step in their reading journey!


Here is one of our Year 1 teachers delivering an ‘Alien words’ section within one of our phonics lessons…

See below a link to a teacher completing set 2 and 3 phonics lessons. Speak to your child’s class teacher if you are unsure what sound your child is up to.



Year 1 is the year the children take part in the statuary phonics screening tests.  You can find more information about the tests here…


Time to play!

We still value play within our Year 1 classrooms and areas are set up to create curiosity and engagement. Children enjoy exploring the different areas and learning in the moment. Teachers regularly change the provision to keep interest high and maximise learning.

Maths, Literacy and Science

As children enter the national curriculum, we hook children in with engaging topics and ideas. Teachers make learning fun and children enjoy all of the different subjects we cover.

Take a look at our assessment grids for these subjects… it will help you see the level of expectation we have for our children.


Year 1 Teachers

Miss Rogers
Mrs Foley
Mrs Yendall
Mrs Hasler
Miss Tyreman
Miss Kaur

Autumn Term

Memory Box

Splendid Skies

Spring Term

Bright Lights Big City

Paws, Claws and Whiskers



Summer Term

Moon Zoom

The Enchanted Woodland

Latest Year 1 News

Year 1 – Christmas Week 2020

Year 1 – Christmas Week 2020

We have completed a lot of Christmas activities this week and we made our own calendar to take home ready for the new year. We had our Christmas party on Monday which was so much fun! We did a lot of dancing and party games. We ended the party with eating our yummy...

Year 1 – What We Did This Week W/C 07/12/2020

Year 1 – What We Did This Week W/C 07/12/2020

We have had a very Christmassy week this week! We drew, coloured and cut out Santa, a reindeer, a Christmas tree and a glittery star and put them onto our Christmas card. We also finished recording our Christmas performance and sang some lovely Christmas songs. We...

Year 1 – What We Did This Week W/C 30/11/2020

Year 1 – What We Did This Week W/C 30/11/2020

  Maths This week in maths we focused on money. We looked at 2p, 5p and 10p coins and used the coins to help us count how much money we had. English This week in English, we thought about full stops and where we put them in a sentence and why. We also created...