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SEND for Pupils

How Does the School Know if I Need Extra Help?
Your teacher looks at your work carefully and knows if you need any extra help to achieve your targets. Teachers track your progress carefully and know when you are not doing as well as you should be.
What Should I do if I Think I Need Extra Help?
You should tell your teacher or your parent/carer if you are having problems with your work or feel that you need extra help.
How Will my School Work be Organised to Meet my Individual Needs?
Your teacher will make sure that the work you are given is at the right level for you. You should be able to do the work if you try hard and do your best. Sometimes you will do something different from your friends. If you need any extra help or different resources they will be made available to you. You will be given your own folder with resources you can take with you to every lesson.
How Will I be Involved in Planning for my Needs?
You will be able to discuss your work with your teacher who will let you know what you are doing well and how you can improve (your ‘next steps’).You will be assessed on the targets on your SEND Support Plan (SSP) and your new targets discussed with you.
Who Will Tell me What I Can do to Help Myself and be More Independent?
Your teacher and/or Teaching Assistant and your peers will tell you how you can improve your work and behaviour. You may also be given a pupil  ‘Buddy’ to help you..
How Will I Know if I am Doing as Well as I Should be?
You will know how well you are doing when you get written and verbal feedback about your work, results from tests, and assessment of your own learning.
What Should I do if I am Worried About my School Work?
If you are worried about your work you should talk to your teacher.
How Can I Get Help if I am Worried About Things Other Than my School Work?
If you are worried about anything you should talk to your teacher, teaching assistant or Mrs Kennedy (SENDCo). They can also help you with any problem you have either in school or at home. If you find it hard to behave in school they may organise for someone to come into school to support you. They will also meet with your parents to discuss how we can help you.
How Will I Know Who Can Help me?
You should talk to the member of staff running the activity and/or Mrs. Kennedy (SENDCo)
If I Have a Disability or Additional Need How Can I Join in School activities?
You will be able to join all our clubs but if you need help speak to the member of staff running it and/or Mrs. Kennedy (SENDCo).  Any special needs or additional help will be given to you.
What help is there to get ready to start school?
Before you move to secondary school some of the teachers from your new school may come and talk to you in your primary school. Following on from this, in the summer term, you will visit your new secondary school for a few days.
How will I be Prepared to Move onto the Next Stage of my School Life
You will be taught how to organise yourself ready for secondary school and visit the school prior to your enrolment.