Mrs Minter, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Woodward, Miss Laden and Mrs Collier would like to welcome you to Reception!


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) incudes 7 areas of learning and development:


3 Prime Areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication & Language

Physical Development


4 Specific Areas:



Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts & Design


We provide a balance between adult-led and child initiated experiences. Children are supported in their development through play and exploration opportunities, short carpet sessions, and adult guided work. Although the curriculum remains very play based, the balance shifts gradually through the Reception year towards more activities led by adults, to help children prepare for more formal learning in Year 1.


Literacy (reading and writing) is taught through Read Write Inc (RWI). RWI is a discreet phonics based programme which helps children learn to read whilst also developing a wide range of vocabulary and encouraging a love of stories.


Throughout the year we teach the following topics:

Autumn Term

Do you want to be friends?

Friendships are a huge part of developing relationships in Reception and during this topic we explore these questions and discover what makes a good friend, how to be kind and work together.


We have really enjoyed making new friends:


Finding out about the people in school who can help us.:


We drew pictures of our new friends & posted them home:

We also looked at seasonal changes in Autumn:

and some of the different things which are celebrated during Autumn, such as Harvest and Halloween:


Who is the biggest dinosaur?

Which dinosaur has the biggest footprint? Did dinosaurs swim? During this topic we explore these questions and more about the different types of dinosaurs, their diet and features.

Going on a dinosaur hunt…

Meeting baby Jack and Sophie the Dinosaurs…

Spring Term

Are we there yet?

Which vehicles move quickly? Can you ride a bike to Australia? During this topic we explore these questions and more about transport, travel and places near and far! We also take the opportunity to learn about important vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and fire engines and about people who help us. We look at where we have travelled &  how did we get there? We also find out about how to stay safe on and around the local roads with our Road Safety Officer from Middlesbrough Council.


Why do zebras have stripes?

Why do zebras have stripes? Where do lions live? Explore these questions and more in this project about Africa, the wild animals that live there and the wonderful artwork.


Summer Term

Why do ladybird have spots?

Why do ladybirds have spots? Why do spiders spin webs? During this topic we explore these questions and more about minibeasts and their habitats. We will also have a first hand experience of the life cycle of a butterfly!

Do cows drink milk?

Do cows drink milk? Do hens lay square eggs? During this topic we explore these questions and more about life on the farm and the animals that live there. We take a school trip to the farm.

What happens when I fall asleep?

Why are there stars in the sky at night? Does everyone go to bed at the same time as me? Explore these questions and more in this project about night time. We will delve into deep Space, explore nocturnal animals and think about our favourite bedtime stories (we may even try to write some of our own!).

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