One Family.

Little People. Big Dreams.


Curriculum Lead : Mrs S. Lee


Kader Academy aims to develop little people who feel safe and happy. We want them to develop a strong sense of pride, not only in themselves, but of their local area and its heritage. We value the importance of strong relationships with our families and our sense of community is at the heart of all we do. We know that our diversity is our strength and we will strive to ensure that the children’s compassion and kindness makes the world a better place. We will inspire curiosity through engaging experiences that promote a profound love of learning. We want them to know that their learning knows no bounds and with self-belief and determination, they can achieve the impossible

Our History vision is to provide a high quality history education that ensures children have the knowledge and understanding they need about Britain’s past and the wider world and how this has impacted their own lives. This includes promoting a love of learning and developing curiosity through offering a variety of rich and engaging activities.

Intent: Why our History curriculum looks like this

To deliver a knowledge and skill based curriculum which has been adapted from the Focus Education scheme and Cornerstones to ensure full coverage of National Curriculum objectives, showing a clear progression throughout the year groups and also within each year group.

We aim to provide each child with an engaging, enriching and relevant history curriculum which challenges and supports all pupils.

To teach children to think critically about historical ideas and sources, ask questions to develop their understanding and deliver ideas confidently.

To share knowledge about significant people and events that occurred and how this has impacted Britain and the world.

Our personalised curriculum focuses on the aspects of history that allow our children to fully appreciate their local area and experience a broad range of real life experiences, giving them opportunities they would not necessarily be provided with outside of school and giving meaning and substance for the children in our school community.

We aim to make sure that knowledge and skills are built upon continuously to ensure that learning is embedded and the skills are developed as each child grows into a competent historian who can make links between knowledge making it relevant and meaningful. This allows children to think historically and build a bigger picture of history as a whole subject.

We aim to use our Schema document which shows how each strand/theme of history is developed and built upon over the course of each child’s learning journey at Kader Academy.

For each half termly topic, a knowledge organiser is created showing the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be taught within that half term. These are used as home-learning tools and also to support classroom activities.

Promote a ‘can do’ attitude through open ended learning activities, giving children the chance to explore ideas and think historically drawing on past experiences in and out of the classroom. To use the idea of divergent thinking to allow all children to progress and achieve at their own level.

Implementation: How we will achieve this

The children’s learning and knowledge develops constantly through revisiting prior knowledge, whether that is from the previous topic or previous years’ learning. D.A.R.T (Dedicated Active Recall Time) is used in each lesson to ensure that prior knowledge is recapped and built upon from the current topic and previous topics covered.

End of topic quizzes are done so that teachers can check that the curriculum we are teaching is effective and that the children know more, remember more and can do more.

These quizzes are repeated during the teaching of future topics to ensure the knowledge and skills have been stored in the children’s long-term memories.

Classroom learning is supported by knowledge organisers which structure the key knowledge that children should retain from each topic.

Summative assessment is completed at the end of every half term in the form of an excel objective tracker. This helps to inform future teachers of the gaps in certain children’s knowledge and skills.

All children will be provided with a carefully sequenced set of lessons which have been planned for progression and depth of knowledge and skills. They will include memorable learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Regular staff CPD to ensure all teaching and learning staff are equipped to deliver curriculum effectively.

Impact: The approach at Kader will ensure that:

At Kader Academy, we strive to ensure that pupil’s achieve their potential and are able to use and adapt the skills and knowledge they have acquired through their history learning to help them succeed in the future. They will have developed confidence and historical and chronological thinking skills which can be transferred into other aspects of their daily lives.

We use the results from the topic quizzes show that the children are retaining more key information and storing this knowledge in their long term memories.

They will have an increased awareness of the history of their local area and the changes that have shaped their lives today.

Observations and Pupil work show that children are able to use this knowledge and apply it to activities and skills at an age appropriate level with opportunities for challenge and abstract thinking.

The opportunities given to the children to succeed and grow as a learner will be reflected in the positive attitudes and growth mind-set that the children show throughout all aspects of their learning.