Key Stage 1 Maths


Maths in KS1 swiftly builds on the knowledge and skills taught throughout the foundation stage and early years. Objectives are derived from the national curriculum and emphasis is placed on securing the fundamental foundations of maths, ensuring competency and fluency of concepts before applying them to problems and puzzles. Reasoning and justification skills are also taught throughout the key stage.

Tasks you could try at home

Helping with homework is a vital way of supporting your child. This will enable you to become more involved with your child’s learning at school and help consolidate their skills.

We encourage counting regularly, especially forwards and backwards in 1’s from any number as this supports so strongly with other areas of maths.

Drawing representations of number – encourage your child to show you what different numbers to 100 look like.

Question children about the shape of an object then change the orientation and ask again if they know the shape.