Dear Parents/Carers,


Year 6 Leavers Party – Wednesday 14th July 3:00-5:00pm


Due to the recent announcement from the government, we will be unable to allow parent helpers to assist with the year 6 party. However we have come up with a cunning plan so that the children don’t miss out.


If you would like your child to stay behind after school on Wednesday 14th July, we will order a takeaway to have as a picnic on the field along with fun and games. We ask that a contribution of £2.00 per child is made via School Money to go toward the food.


We will order margarita pizzas potato wedges and garlic bread for the children which will be delivered at 4:00pm. Please collect your child from upper school playground at 5:00pm. If your child normally walks home please let you’re their teachers know.



Yours sincerely


Mrs A. Mitchinson