Year 6

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



Our teachers

Mrs Donald, Mrs Stockwell ,Mrs Mitchinson, Mrs Burton, Mrs Rahmani and Mr Moore know their stuff and are always there to help us if we need it! The staff are firm but fair but we all have a good laugh too! They are very helpful and will support you until you succeed: our motto is “Believe to Achieve” and we are starting to see that, if we put our minds to it, we can achieve ANYTHING!



Many Y6 pupils worry about their SATs tests in May, and at the very start of the year, we did too. We have achieved so much already this year and we are continuing to work our socks off each and every day. We now realise that they are not that scary really! Instead, it just gives us a chance to show off what we can really do! This year, SATs week is Monday 13th May 2019 –Thursday 16th May 2019. 



Marrick Priory

Every year, Y6 get the opportunity to go to Marrick Priory for a residential visit. We do outdoor activities such as rock climbing and canoeing which help us to be confident, brave and work better as a team. Some children have never been away from their parents before, so this experience can help make them more independent. We are going to Marrick Priory from 20th May – 24th May 2019. We can’t wait!



Physical Activities

We all like to keep fit and be active and have fun! This year we have had a fantastic opportunity of working with a Para-Olympian and have honed our wheelchair skills. We have also been taking part in the Golden Mile, which we love!



Before we leave to go to Secondary School, we visit our new schools and get to know the layout of the building, the teachers and the kinds of thing we will be doing. The Y7 teachers also come into our school to prepare us for our start in “Big School”.  This helps us to feel more at home when we start in September.



Homework is a very important part of Year 6. We need to get into the good routine of being organised and independent learners. We will bring home Literacy and Numeracy on a Friday to be handed in the following Friday. Science will be brought home Thursday to be handed in the following Thursday. We can also use Conquer Maths and Read Theory to help us with our learning in school. We also know that reading for 30 minutes each day helps us LOTS!

This is a lot to do, but we know that every little bit of work we do at home helps us massively!


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