Year 3

Mrs Donkanha, Mrs Emms, and Mrs Kirby welcome you to Year 3!

Over the year, we cover the following topics:

Gods and Mortals:
The children have the opportunity to learn all about the Ancient Greeks.
• Research the Greek Gods and Goddesses
• Learn about daily life in Ancient Greece
• Experience some of the sports from the Ancient Greek Olympics
• Compare their lifestyle to that of the Ancient Greeks


This topic allows children to find out all about how chocolate is made.
• Research the journey of a Cocoa bean
• Look at a balanced diet and why it is so important
• Visit York’s Chocolate Story to deepen and consolidate our knowledge


Children learn all about volcanoes around the world, what causes them and the devastation they can bring.
• Explore the world’s most famous volcanoes and look at the Ring of Fire
• Discover how volcanoes erupt and the causes
• Investigate different types of rocks and their properties.

Mighty Metals:

During this topic, children explore the world of forces!
• explore the properties of a range of materials
• discover the artistic properties of metals and what they can produce




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