Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Arceri, Miss Wilson and Mrs Hasler would like to welcome you to Year 4.

Autumn Term

Traders, Raiders and 1066

Our topic of Traders and Raiders combined with 1066 guided our learning through the first half of the Autumn half term. It was a history based topic, focusing largely on Vikings and Anglo-Saxon life when settling in England. We thoroughly enjoyed being visited by some ‘real’ Vikings to start our topic off. They told us lots about Viking life: the jobs they did; they food they ate and what they enjoyed doing in their spare time. When they visited we were lucky enough to churn some of our own butter milk and grind some flour, it was FANTASTIC!!


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We also learnt about Viking Gods and Goddesses and created our very own Viking amulets. Continuing chronologically from Anglo-Saxons and Vikings we learnt about 1066, the Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion of Britain.




The second half of Autumn term started with a BANG as we introduced our Potions topic. In our very first lesson, we recreated a Harry Potter Potions classroom and did all sorts of weird and wonderful science experiments. We designed our own potions, created bottles out of Modroc to put them into and wrote gruesome poems all about them. In our literacy we used J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter stories to inspire some interesting writing about lots of revolting potions. Our science focused on changing state: we carried out lots of experiments and learnt about the water cycle!  Another highlight was when we carved our own pumpkins (we were even lucky enough that some of our parents came in and helped us)!