Year 3

Mrs Donkanha, Miss Scotney and Miss Blackwood welcome you to Year 3!

Here are some of the things we will be learning about during the Autumn Term.


Our topics in the Autumn Term are Gods and Mortals and Urban Pioneers.
Gods and Mortals:

The children will get the opportunity to learn all about the Ancient Greeks.

They will:
• Research the Greek Gods and Goddesses
• Learn about daily life in Ancient Greece
• Experience some of the sports from the Ancient Greek Olympics
• Compare their lifestyle to that of the Ancient Greeks

Urban Pioneers:

The children will explore their local area – Middlesbrough.

They will:
• Research and emulate local artists such as Mackenzie Thorpe
• Use the medium of art to create images of local landmarks
• Explore what the local area offers its residents and visitors


In Science this term we will be exploring light. The children will discover how shadows are formed from a range of light sources through a series of practical activities. The children will also be investigating plants – building on their work in Year 2.