As part of our Victorian topic, we have written a diary extract from the Dickensian Novel – Oliver. We have worked amazingly hard and the final results have been inspiring! Below, are the beginning two paragraphs of one of our budding authors.


Dear Diary,

Trapped between these four cold, dank walls, I finally gave in to the endless amount of tears I had been bottling up all day. Finally allowing them to trickle down my battered and bruised face. Anger and sadness overcame my already weak mind – demanding to be let out or eventually crushing me to a pulp.

My quivering fingers glanced over my battle scars – the swollen bruise just above my hip; the deep cut on my leg; the painful lump on my ribcage. I cry out in pain at their sting. My body may heal from this savagery, yet my mind will not. Never did I think I would end up in the devil’s clutches again, yet here I lay: despised and tormented; enslaved and disgraced.

(Rayyan, Y6)