Hello Year 6!

Below is various links to different Test Base questions. Your answers are to be written on a piece of paper and kept for when we return to school. Tackle each question and show your working out! If at any point you get stuck, login to Conquer Maths to remind yourself of the method. Failing that, the mark scheme is available for you to refer to. However, you must ask a grown up to work with you to explain how could have reached that answer.


Fraction questions –  https://iugetuf.exampro.net/

Place Value – https://miuaoea.exampro.net/

Four operations (+ – x divide) https://duruwew.exampro.net/

Algebra – https://cilirey.exampro.net/

Ratio – https://sicuuop.exampro.net/

Percentages – https://miwajyc.exampro.net/

Time – https://noueaey.exampro.net/

Area & Perimeter –  https://gyfomaj.exampro.net/

Volume – https://jepiryw.exampro.net/