To our lovely Year 6’s…


It is really rather odd,

That at this time in March,

We may separated for some time;

Back towards home, we must depart!


Our time apart may be lengthy

Or it could be rather short.

We may see you before the summer-

We hope deep in our heart.


But if today is to be your last

Day in primary school,

We want you to know, from the bottom of our hearts,

We think you are pretty cool!


You have made us laugh;

You’ve made us shout,

You’ve made us so so proud.

You’ve grown so much,

You’ve come so far-

We’re really pretty WOWED!


The next few weeks will be very odd,

As we charter waters unknown,

Please know that we will miss you

As you complete your work from home.


And if we do not return to school

Before the Summer is out,

Know that we adore you and

You will SMASH it- there’s no doubt.


Lots of luck for ‘big’ school

Go there with heads held high.

But remember we are ALWAYS here,

So this is not goodbye.


Love from your Kader family