Highlights W.C. 23d November

In Maths, we have been working on language of direction, compass points and understanding angles as a measure of turn. We had fun doing active Maths, learning direction and angle by singing an adapted version of ‘cha cha slide’ made up by Mr Hurley.

In Science, Mr Stanbridge’s class have been learning about the Moon phases by eating biscuits and using them to represent the Moon phases! Mr Hurley’s class will do this next week!

In English, we are in the process of writing a newspaper article pretending we are in 1969, reporting man landing on the Moon!

In Art, we have been doing developing our sketching skills, drawing images of rockets. P.S. Check out the amazing drawing done by one of the children at home! Amazing talent!


Homework due 4th December

The Space Times - Solar Eclipse at Eclipseville