We have had another lovely week up in Year 5! This week we have moved on to looking at tenths, hundredths and thousandths in Maths and we have been reading ‘Children of Winter’ by Berlie Doherty in English. The children have been able to answer a range of reading questions based on the text which have tested their inference, retrieval and summary skills. We have now paused our story and we are beginning to think about carrying the story on ourselves! We have been looking at different ways to open a story, particularly by using speech. The children have role played the next part and are now preparing to write! In computing, we have been learning about HTML and have been able to design our own cards. We were really lucky on Thursday and were able to join a zoom call with Jonny Duddle – the illustrator of the Harry Potter front covers. We learnt all about his journey to the role and also learnt how to draw Hagrid!

Have a lovely weekend,

Team Year 5