This week in Year 5, we have continued our Beast Creator topic by, once again, exploring changes which are happening in our classroom! We have watched our caterpillars wrap themselves in a chrysalis – they will soon emerge as butterflies! Unfortunately, we lost a couple of our caterpillars which is a shame (we sensitively discussed this with the children).
We’ve also been looking at other life cycles and growth. Our frogspawn has hatched into lots of little tadpoles! In our science lesson on seed dispersal, we experimented to see which seeds have the greatest chance of surviving when competing for space and nutrients – ‘survival of the fittest’. It was great to turn the soil upside down to see the roots of the different seeds – it was clear that the wheat seeds were much stronger than the sunflower seeds and the single broad bean we planted in the middle!
In Maths, we have had a very musical week, taking our knowledge of factors and relating it to prime numbers, square numbers, cube numbers and lots of problem solving.
We’ve also finished our story ‘Charlotte’s Web’, our whole class reading unit and made some wonderful fact booklets about spiders.