This week, Year 5 have been looking at a film called ‘The Alchemists Letter’. We have looked at the letter written to Verideon by his father and are now beginning to plan our own letter response from the perspective of Verideon. The children have worked really hard to break down what will need to be included in their letter and have looked at some amazing vocabulary. We can’t wait to see their hard work all come together! In maths, the children have been dividing fractions as well as beginning to look at perimeter. We have looked at lots of different compound shapes, played interactive games and even taken the chalk outside to practise finding the perimeter of different 2D shapes. On Thursday, we were lucky enough to meet two authors and an illustrator on Zoom in a special event for World Book Day with Drake’s Bookshop. The authors were both local to us, Gabrielle Kent, is from Middlesbrough and James Harris grew up in Saltburn! The children were fascinated by both who were really inspirational and encouraging!