SPAG homework due Friday 4th October
Page 31 (parenthesis). Success criteria at the top of the page.

Maths homework due Friday 4th October. Page 12 (mental addition/subtraction). We would like children to have a go and we will review the questions next week. Children should use their place value skills to help with this task. They may like to draw out a place value chart (see images) to ensure they add or subtract in the column correctly. I’d also encourage them to imagine all the work we have done with the place value flipper in class – what column is the change happening in?

Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please.

We also give out weekly certificates for any children who are excelling with Conquer Maths and Read Theory and choosing to access these in their free time. Well done to today’s winners! Children have log-in details for these in their reading records.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team