SPAG homework due Friday 18th October
Page 26 (linking sentences and paragraphs). Success criteria on top of the page. We have done lots of work on cohesion (using conjunctions, pronouns and adverbials to link ideas) and making reference to previous or upcoming paragraphs to help with the flow of writing. Please can we ask that parents discuss the meanings of the blue words for the task – unfortunately, sadly, in addition, however and for example with children, should they need it? Thanks.

Maths homework due Friday 18th October. We have set online homework on Conquer Maths. Children simply need to log on to the website and complete the tasks, which will pop up as a red alert at the top. Children need to watch each video and complete each quiz. They may need a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down notes and working out.

We have given out purple mash logins, for any children wanting to explore this website which covers every curriculum area and which we have been using for our coding in computing lessons!

Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please.

We also give out weekly certificates for any children who are excelling with Conquer Maths and Read Theory and choosing to access these in their free time.  Children have log-in details for these in their reading records.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team