SPAG homework due Friday 11th October
Page 32 (using commas). Success criteria at the top of the page. I would encourage children to take a short pause when reading a comma, in order to really hear if a sentence sounds correct or not!

Maths homework due Friday 11th October. Page 13 (written addition/subtraction). Children should follow the success criteria to make sure they set out the columns correctly and in order to avoid errors.

We have given out purple mash logins this week, for any children wanting to explore this website which covers every curriculum area and which we have been using for our coding in computing lessons!

Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please.

We also give out weekly certificates for any children who are excelling with Conquer Maths and Read Theory and choosing to access these in their free time. Well done to today’s winners! Children have log-in details for these in their reading records.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team