SPAG homework due Friday 29th November
Page 43 (spelling words ending in able/ably/ible/ibly). Success criteria at the top of the page. Children should use dictionaries and spellings to double-check their initial guesses. We have been working on these spellings in our spelling sessions for the past 2 units. I have attached the transcript from these sessions (where we usually watch spelling zone videos) which children may like to use to refresh their memories!

Maths homework due Friday 29th November. Page 48 (solving problems using angles knowledge). Children should follow the attached success criteria pictures for some guidance and think logically. Tip for the final question as it’s a little tricker – think of how many degrees are in a right angle and how many are in a triangle! Remember the little square in the corner of a shape means right angle (90°)

Perimeter youtube link:

NEW comprehension task  (due Friday 29th November) –

2 minute reads! Aimed at improving children’s fluency. We have sent a sheet home with children and explained the task. It is not a very time consuming task but we hope this new approach could make all the difference! The sheet itself has all the relevant information on it! We hope everyone can get behind this and support us in developing fluency!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team