To start off our new topic we delved headfirst into the exciting and exotic rainforest! We dressed up as explorers and rainforest animals to immerse in the day!

First, we had an exciting and very unusual tasting session of all of the wonderful (and sometimes very sour!) foods that can come from the rainforest. We tried cacao nibs, dark chocolate, coffee beans and a whole range of tropical fruits! We even learnt how rainforest dwellers and tribespeople eat mealworms as a staple source of protein.

Next, we studied the beautiful rainforest-inspired work of Matisse. He used collage techniques to create abstract art. We cut a range of abstract, irregular shapes with straight, spiky and wavy lines to mimic different plants and animals of the rainforest. The colours we chose were bright and bold to show the wonderful colours which can be found there too!