Lets get messy! Muck and mess is good, in fact, it’s mega-marvellous!

We will be having a messy morning where we will be getting our hands all sticky and covered in paint, playing with liquids and squishing some dough. Pouring, mixing, stirring and splatting! How does it feel to get your hands covered in variety of different materials?

Our focus text will be George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Using this to inspire us, we will be writing our own set of instructions for a disgusting medicine for Grandma. There are so many wonderful words to describe this ghastly recipe!

Guiding us through the topic will be our science learning of materials – wood, metal, glass and many more! George has written to us, asking us to design him a lab coat. Which material will be the most suitable? What properties does it need to have?