Year 1 – What We Did This Week W/C 15/03/2021
This week in Maths, we focused on partitioning numbers. We used the dienes and completed a large amount of practical work. By the end of the week we were experts at portioning!
We continued with our topic of ‘Enchanted Woodland. We went outside on a woodland walk to find as many different woodland items as we could. Then, we sorted them into groups with the criteria of ‘things that are dead’, ‘things that are alive’, and ‘things that have never been alive’. We even had a game of ‘Who am I?’ where a picture of a woodland animal was stuck on our back, and our friends had to give clues as to which animal it was.
We created our very own information booklets about plants this week. In our information booklets we included a contents page, glossary and we stuck some photographs in and wrote two captions.
We ended the week with some very fun Red Nose Day activities.