This week in English we were very creative and thought of amazing adjectives to describe a range of animals. We used this adjectives in sentences, focusing on using the rule of 3. A fantastic example of this was ‘I am agile and fierce.’ Some of us were even challenged to think of 2 adjectives in a sentence and to separate these adjectives using a comma, a lovely example was ‘I have sharp, pointy teeth’.


In Maths we continued being number detectives, but this time we focused on finding a missing number in a subtraction number sentence. We used a number line to help us find the missing number and next week we will be moving on to using the inverse to help us find the missing number.


In Topic this week we continued our topic ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’. We looked at different animal groups and sorted them into groups.

Reading Adventure Activity

We had a fantastic afternoon on Thursday where we used our reading skills to escape crow castle. We all worked so hard to escape!