This week in English we have been on an Autumn walk and found lots of different signs of Autumn. We thought about adjectives to describe our finds and made super sentences using them. We discussed using time connectives in our writing so our reader knew the exact order we found the items. On Friday we wrote our Autumn walk recount.



This week in maths we have been learning all about subtraction. We began the week with using cubes and pictures to help us subtract and then we moved on to using a number line. We drew number lines on the playground and used them to complete number sentences. We have all been super mathematicians!



This week in topic we have been learning about signs of Autumn and we went on a walk to collect as many leaves as we could. We discussed the different ways we could group the leaves and came up with great ideas such as grouping them by colour, size and shape. Then we grouped the leaves based on their colour. It was so much fun and everybody was great.