We continued our topic ‘Moon Zoom’ and learned all about astronauts, focusing on Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. On Tuesday, we imagined we were an astronaut and acted out the first landing on the moon.

Our focus story of the week was ‘Beegu’. Before we read it, we made predictions on what we thought the story was about by looking at the front cover of the book. Then, we read the story to see if we our predictions were correct. Then, we moved on to using commas and thought of how Beegu was feeling. We wrote sentences and listed how Beegu was feeling using a comma.

In Maths this week, our focus has been missing numbers. We became number detectives and used a range of strategies including using number lines and cubes to help us find the missing numbers. We were all fantastic!

Well done Year One for working so hard this week! Have a lovely weekend.