In Maths we focused on telling the time and then moved on to learning about length and height. We went on a scavenger hunt to find different objects and we compared their height. Then, we measured them using cubes.
This week in Literacy we focused on Hansel and Gretel, we designed our owl sweet house and used lots of adjectives to describe them. We also did a lot of drama! On Thursday we imagined that we were walking through the woods and thought about a woodland creature we may see, we decided we would spot an owl. We read Owl Babies and pretended we were the baby owls then wrote sentences describing how we were feeling using ‘I’ and ‘because’, everyone was so fantastic at writing their sentences!
We continued our Enchanted Woodland topic and went on a woodland walk, observing bird life and learned about woodland animals’ habitats.
Year 1 have worked so hard during remote learning and since we all came back to school, we are so proud of them! You all deserve a lovely two weeks break, enjoy!!