This week in English, we imagined that we were Beegu and wrote a letter to mum and dad, detailing where we are and what had happened to us. On Tuesday, we found synonyms for ‘big’, ‘small’, ‘nice’, ‘sad’ and ‘scared’. We discussed how certain words add more power and excitement to our work. On Wednesday and Thursday, we wrote a description of an imaginary planet. We used our powerful word bank to create a lively description.

In Maths, we have been measuring mass.  We compared mass using key words ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and ‘equal’. Then, we had an object hunt and measured how many numicon and cubes the item weighed.

In computing, we learned more about the tools on Microsoft Word and how to change writing.

On Monday we created art work that represented waves. We used wavy lines to create our art work.

Well done, Year one. 🌟