Apologies about the lack of update last week. We had problems with the website not uploading content.

Some of our recent work has included working on spreadsheets in our ICT lessons, using the spreadsheet to help us to instantly calculate pereimeter and area of rectangles using the formula wizard! We have been learning about the Feudal system and role-played the roles of Medieval society in order to understand how this society worked and has impacted the way we live, even today.

We have continued to observe the growth of our bacteria – yuck! We were surprised to find that the UKS2 hall was very dirty and we even had poo growing in one of the petri dishes!

As well as this, we have been studying The Knight’s Tale in English and learning about rounding, factors and multiples (as well as plenty of reasoning) in Maths lessons.

Also, we are excited about our upcoming trip to Eyam and have learned the story of Eyam using role-play cards. We are looking forward to trying to understand what life must have been for these poor people.

Reminder – Eyam trip is next Thursday (13th February). Children need to be at school for 07:45am, so an early night will be needed on Wednesday, please. Children will need wellies or sturdy trainers that can get filthy, as well as a change of footwear, warm clothing and a plastic bag for their muddy footwear.