SPAG homework due Friday 15th November
Page 13 (relative pronouns). Success criteria at the top of the page. I would encourage children to use the internet to revise relative clauses, if they feel this will help them. A relative clause is a special type of subordinate clauses (which doesn’t make sense alone). The following sentence contains a relative clause in bold. The Hexapod – which is a six-limbed creature – uses its beastly mouth to devour its prey. The first word in this clause (often who, which or that) is the relative pronoun.

Maths homework due Friday 15th November. Page 22 (written division). Children should follow the success criteria at the top of the page.
Plus night -time reading. 4x a week minimum, please.

We also give out weekly certificates for any children who are excelling with Conquer Maths and Read Theory and choosing to access these in their free time. Well done to today’s winners! Children have log-in details for these in their reading records.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team