SPAG homework due Friday 14th February
Page 18 (adverbials). Success criteria at the top of the page. Children are welcome to use the internet to research, if they feel this will help them.

Maths homework due Friday 14th February

Page 19 (multiples and factors). We have taught children to use a ‘T chart; to help them to list out multiples and factors. We have attached a couple of pictures to help. A common factor is a number which if a factor of two or more numbers. For example, the common factors of 18 and 27 would be worked out like this: factors of 18 = 1, 18, 2, 9, 3 and 6. Factors of 27 = 1, 27, 3 and 9. So the common factors are 1, 3 and 9.

Comprehension task – 2 minute reads! We hope everyone is continuing to enjoy their work on fluency. We have once again sent a sheet home with children and explained the task. It is not a very time consuming task but we hope this new approach could make all the difference! The sheet itself has all the relevant information on it! We have now added a few quick comprehension questions to this task.

Plus weekly reading of home reading book (4 x per week minimum).

Children also have logins for Conquer Maths, Read Theory and ‘Times Table Rockstars’, which they are more than welcome to explore at home! We will continue to give out our weekly certificates for using Read Theory, Conquer Maths and Times Table Rockstars!

Many thanks for your continued support,

Y5 team