This Monday Mayor Andy Preston came into school to meet with the School Council and take part in an assembly with the children. We were proud of the thought provoking questions about road safety and the environment that the children put to Mr Preston.  We would like to thank Mr Preston for coming into our school and hope that he enjoyed his visit.


Middlesbrough Council have put the below statement on their website:

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has promised school children that their arguments on road safety will inform his final budget proposals.

Earlier this week the Mayor attended a packed assembly at Kader Academy where pupils made the case for retaining school crossing patrols as well as highlighting inconsiderate parking outside the Staindrop Drive school.

Mr Preston told the packed assembly that while he could not guarantee which proposals would be put forward to be voted on by the Council later this month, he could promise that their opinions would be taken into account.

Middlesbrough Council has just completed a full consultation on proposed savings which received feedback from thousands of residents.

Among the hot topics up for discussion are the future of weekly bin collections, Council cleaning arrangements and school crossing patrols.

Mr Preston said: “I had a brilliant time at Kader Academy, the children were clear and straight talking, their arguments were well made and their questions were challenging.

“As well as their views on our lollipop women and men and the bad parking they see every day outside the gates, we also had a good discussion on improving the environment.

“The pupils and teachers had some really good ideas on ways we can make things better – some of which we are already trying to get going in the council so I’m hoping we can work together to make some really good things happen.

“As far as where the budget is, we have just had the biggest public consultation in the town’s history with thousands of people making their voices heard.

“I will make no guarantees to anyone except that we will listen and everyone’s views will be taken on board when it comes to decision time.”

Alison Mitchinson, acting head teacher at Kader Academy, said: “We want to thank the Mayor for listening to the children’s views on putting safety first.

“We also had good discussions about improving the environment and we look forward to working together on future projects.”

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