Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to say that we all hope that you are doing ok! This is a very strange time but we hope that you are all managing to keep yourselves happy and entertained. Hopefully you are managing to do the set work to keep yourselves going, but the most important thing is to look after yourself and your families. We have been busy enough with our own children and know that it is not a very easy time for some parents or children at the minute. Soon enough, we will all be back together and able to feel very grateful for our school, our freedom and our lives. Thank you to everyone who has sent in updates regarding the book bingo and some of the fabulous things you have been up to. A real positive of the current situation is the time that many of you get to spend with your loved ones. It’s been great to see that you have been having some fabulous family time. Stay safe, everyone!

Y5 staff