Only One You


This week in Year 1 we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at our whole school story – Only One You’. By Linda Kranz

This is a fantastic book with many quotes and messages that we hope children will take forward in their lives.

We loves the choice of vocabulary the children decided on for their world book day T-Shirts. They were fab! We enjoyed looking into the meaning of some of the words.

We had a super afternoon creating our own rocks – using paints to represent ourselves in colour and pattern within them.

The message we have been focusing on is – How will you make this world a better place – Perhaps you can have a chat around this at home with your children this weekend.



We have been looking at division this week in Maths. Sharing objects practically and then looking at the number operation to match. They have really enjoyed this and although initially finding it quite challenging, they are becoming more confident with this skill. Try sharing things at home. Pop 10 biscuits onto a plate and ask them to share them equally between 5 teddy’s, 2 teddy’s etc. Make sure that the question you ask does not have remainders (This is not something we cover in Y1) Thankyou.