This week in Year 1….



We have been practising using our phonics sounds.

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Internet safety

We have been thinking again about internet safety. We made a list of all of the games the children told me they played on. We also talked about YouTube and the videos they have watched. It was frightening to see how many were not age appropriate. Please monitor their internet and gaming use at home.

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We learnt about partitioning tens and ones in a two-digit number. We used partitioning cards to help us to visualise it. We then had a look at three digit numbers. Partitioning 100s 10s and ones. Next, we will be using this method to help us with addition.

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We created a splendid sky! To do this we used different coloured paints and a blending technique. Next half term we will be creating a skyline to go against our colourful backgrounds. We cannot wait to see the finished results!

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