This week in year 1.


We have been working very hard this week learning all about action verbs and adverbs.

Verb – run, jump, walk, swing, draw, write, crawl.

Adverb– slowly, quickly, patiently, quietly, happily.


Then we looked at combining the two –

The girl was running happily.

The lion was jumping fiercely.


We have been continuing our work on division. Sharing objects between a number of groups. We then looked at using different written techniques to work out calculations.

Our motto – if it’s tricky draw a picky!

Ask your children to show you.




Behaviour and life skills

We have been focusing on behaviour. Keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and making sure our outside games are sensible.

We have also been having a discussion about online safety and how to keep safe.

We have talked to the children about handwashing and the importance of keeping our hands clean. They know they must use soap and water and rub their hands together for 20 seconds.