Dear Parents/Carers,

Teesside Hospice Eggstra-ordinary Easter Buddies

Teesside Hospice have been planning something special for a couple of months now, they have had people from all over our lovely community knitting little easter buddies which they have filled with a chocolate egg for them to be sold to raise money for the hospice.

They have everything from Chicks, Bunnies, Easter baskets, Sheep, Monsters and even people, they are just cutest!

If you would like to purchase an easter buddies please go to School Money and then to the shop. Buddies are £1 each with all proceeds going directly to Teesside Hospice. Buddies will be available to pre-order until 3:00pm Monday 22nd March, we will then let you know when they get delivered to the school.


Many thanks

Mrs A. Mitchinson