Dear Parents/carers,



Thank you for your amazing support in these difficult times. We will miss the children over the coming weeks.


You will be the first to know when we reopen again. In the meantime if you have any concerns over the coming weeks, please contact the school on the usual number as there will be a skeleton staff in looking after the children of key workers.


I have pinched this quote from Facebook as I agree with sentiment:


“My advice for any parents wanting to home-school during the school shut down – don’t. It’s going to be stressful. If things get worse you’re going to be stressed, your children are going to be stressed. Your children might be scared of the things they’ve heard or seen on TV. Arguing with your children to do work is not what anyone needs right now. Instead, cuddle up together and read, read, read. Take turns reading. Read them your favourite novel. Do a puzzle. Build a fort. Bake. Watch TV together. Paint. Get out the Lego and build together. Set up a tent in your living room and camp out. Look at photos of when you were a child. In other words. Don’t stress about them forgetting. Don’t stress about home-schooling them. Just spend time together. Your children won’t learn if they are feeling stressed. Though this is a scary time, it could very well be time they remember as the best time in their life.”


The School Office  will be open every day from 8:30am-3:30pm if you need to speak to someone. Below I have included a list of contact details that may be useful during the school closure:


School Number: 01642 286599



Safeguarding Contacts

If you have and concerns about a child:

    • The schools designated safeguarding leads are Mrs A. Mitchinson, Mrs J. Doanld and Mrs L. Yendall, and you can reach us through the school phone number as listed above.
    • Children’s Services – South Tees Multi Agency Children’s Hub – 01642 130700 (office hours) 01642 524 552 (out of hours) 
    • Middlesbrough Council Safeguarding website 


I would like to thank parents for your amazing messages of support and kindness during these unprecedented times. I genuinely hope that we will get back to normal as soon as possible once we are instructed that it is safe to do so. Please remember that we are still here and use contact emails or the telephone to keep in touch should you need to do so.


Hang in there everyone and we will see you on the other side



Yours Sincerely



Mrs A Mitchinson