Dear Parents/ carers,


Reception pods

Thank you for signing your child up for the Reception pods. I know this will not have been an easy decision and before we finalise the pod lists and organise provision we have a few alterations we need to inform you of. To make the following decisions we have considered – staffing, safe resourcing and the likely increase of our key worker pods, whilst also taking into account possible staff absence. After careful consideration, we plan to operate our Reception pods on a two-day per week basis. Please see example bellow.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate a choice of days, therefore your child will be allocated a pod and they will be in school on the corresponding days. For example, pod 1 children will be in school Monday and Tuesday and will complete home learning on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We would love to be able to accommodate children for the full week, but as previously stated lots of thought has been put into making this difficult decision, I hope you understand.

We will also be expecting children to try to socially distance. We will be providing children with a box of independent resources for them to explore with and learn, alongside input from the Pod teacher. This isn’t an ideal learning situation for children in Early Years, but at the moment we feel it is the safest option and we will endeavour to make the children as settled and happy as possible. We are really missing the children and cannot wait to see them again.

Please consider the information I have provided and fill in the corresponding form if you would still like your child to take up a Reception space. Please can I ask that you complete the form by tomorrow morning (16/06/2020).


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Thank you for your continued support,


Mrs Mitchinson