Dear Parents/Carers/


Road Safety Outside of School at the End of the Day


As you are aware we currently do not have a Lollipop Lady working outside of our school. I am in discussion with the local Mayor regarding this matter, please see below letters that the year 6 children presented to the mayor on Monday 3rd February.

Thank you to all those parents who park sensibly when picking their child up from school. For the small minority who do not, I am appealing to you to put your children’s safety first. Please set off in good time to avoid abandoning cars in front of the school, on the double yellow lines, on the grass opposite (which clearly states no parking at any time), the corner of Elwick Avenue, blocking residents drives, or worse still the dangerous practice of stopping in the middle of the road and signalling to your child to jump in or out causing gridlock. As a school, we are encouraging children to take more exercise. If you live locally, why not walk to school with your child, which not only benefits their health but also reinforces the messages we are instilling in our children to take care of the environment.

In addition, can I please ask that when children return from a school trip, when disembarking from the bus you allow the staff to take the children back to the classroom in an orderly fashion when they will then be dismissed? The staff have kept your children safe all day and need to make sure that all children are present and go home with the correct adult.

We appreciate that parents lead busy lives and if you are struggling with getting your children to school on time or collecting them on time, we can offer before and after school childcare and clubs to alleviate the pressure of the school run. Please feel free to come in and see me to discuss any concerns.

Your child’s safety is our main concern.


Yours sincerely

Mrs A. Mitchinson




Letters From the Children to the Mayor:

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