4th February 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

Parent Questionnaire Feedback


I would like to thank you all for taking the time to share your voice in our Parent Questionnaire. Reading through your feedback has given us some ideas going forward. Many of your comments have been so lovely to read and have given us all the motivation to keep up the hard work.


A fantastic academy that supports the needs of its children. Parents are informed of topics covered and progress and my daughter is extremely happy and supported in Reception.


Kader Academy is an amazing school !


My children are thriving and are extremely happy.


The school seems to be sending information & dates out much earlier, which is appreciated, for working parents. More things that are fun are being added for the children & their families.


Kader staff are wonderful and they are doing excellent work.



Below we have highlighted some of your queries and suggestions and how we have already addressed some of them and how we intend to find solutions going forward.


Communication could be better about subjects they are learning throughout the year and more regular feedback about how the children are performing compared to expectations.


We now have an up to date section on the website that details what children will be learning throughout the school year. This will be added to termly so you can see what your child will be learning each half term. To see these go to www.kaderacademy.co.uk/kader-curriculum/


I think that after school clubs should be sent out at tea time. As my children miss out on popular clubs as myself and my husband work full time and can’t access internet at work and therefore we try to book clubs after 5pm hence all places are full


We understand that for many parents accessing either School Money or the Smart School App during the day can be challenging due to work commitments. Some of our clubs are very popular and have limited spaces, and unfortunately some children will miss out from time to time. In these cases we encourage parents to let us know that their child wanted to take part and we will ensure that they will get the opportunity the next time it is run. That being said we will, going forward, aim to send out messages for clubs at the end of the school day to give as many people as possible a fair chance.


Lots of really positive changes. Love the new approach to enrichment. Have always wondered why no PTA though??


Since December we have been making an effort to get our parents more involved with school events, beginning with the refreshments at the Christmas Performances. We have had some lovely parents come forward to assist with the School Disco in February and are hoping to continue this partnership with upcoming events. We are keen to foster a good relationship between the school and Parents.


Bring back Dojo


We appreciate that good communication to parents is incredibly important. We also understand that there has been some issues and complications with the Smart School App due to recent updates. If you are still unable to log in or are having problems please don’t hesitate to contact the office for help. Now that the App has been updated and should make it much simpler and more efficient to use. This App enables us to send out a wide variety of message types, such as letters, consent forms, and weekly updates of what children are doing in class.



If there is anything else that you feel you would like to address, please contact the school and we will try to work toward improvements.




Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs Mitchinson

Acting Principal