w.c 2/12/19

Science Investigation using Ice

Somebody had crept into nursery overnight and decided to put some of our toys in the freezer! We discussed and predicted how we could get the toys out of the ice.

“Use a hammer”

“Hit it with something hard”

“Use a spade”

“It feels cold”

“It feels like plastic”

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”59″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Once we realised the hard tools could not break the ice, we came up with another solution…

“The ice could melt”

“When it gets warm, it goes into water”

“We need to use something warm”


We then decided that the only way to free the toys was warming the ice up but we needed a quick solution as the toys were getting really cold and required help!

“Warm water could help”

“Get some out of the tap”

“We need a kettle!”

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”60″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Once the kettle was boiled, we poured the water onto the ice and managed to free our frozen toys! Nursery saved the day and as a reward, we shared flavoured ice cubes that our frozen friends had made for us!