Nursery 30 Hours Provision Form

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that from September 2021 we will be offering a 30 hour provision in our Nursery setting. As an Academy we have made the decision to take over the existing Rosedene building and incorporate it within our school. This means that we will have the provision and capacity to welcome more Nursery children into our Early Years family to begin their journey with us at Kader. If you are eligible for the Governments 30 hour offer – see criteria here  you will be able to claim your child’s extra Nursery hours with us. We are also extending this offer to families who do not qualify, with the option to pay an hourly rate for the additional 15 hours (in addition to the 15 hours your child automatically receives.)  More information will follow, however we felt it was important to make you aware of our plans with advance notice, so that you can make a decision and look into your options.

As an Academy, it is essential that we have an idea of the number of families who would be keen to take up this offer. Please could you submit the 30 hour form below to notify us of your thoughts?  We have a set number of spaces to offer, so therefore it is imperative that you express your interest ASAP.

We pride ourselves on the engaging and stimulating environment that our Nursery already offers and are excited to create a full 30 hour curriculum for the children who will be joining us full time.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Mitchinson


Please be aware that we will continue to offer AM and PM sessions as usual (15 hours) for those who do not wish to sign up for the 30 hour provision.  Unfortunately we will not be offering a 2 year old provision, however we can sign post you to excellent providers in the local area if this is something you may require.

30 Hours Provision

Are They already attending Kader Nursery?

I have read the government criteria for the 30 hour funding and I believe I am eligible

I would like to apply for a 30 hour Nursery place for my child

I am Not Eligible but would like to pay for the additional 15 hours (Optional)

Do you intend to apply for a Reception place for your child at Kader Academy

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