Marrick Priory – Clothing and Equipment List

Marrick Priory – Clothing and Equipment list

If your child is going to Marrick Priory see below Clothing and Equipment.

The quantity of clothing you bring will always depend on your visit duration and chosen

activities. Generally participants will be encouraged to wear clothing in layers, according to the time of year and prevailing weather conditions (3 or 4 layers on the upper body are normal for most activities). Synthetic, rather than cotton, material is commonly regarded as being more effective as a base layer (next to the skin). 


Denim jeans are not suitable for outdoor activities, but are ideal to be kept for evening indoor

recreational use.


A suggested check list, based on a full weeks programme, is as follows:

Item Quantity Remarks
Towel 1 minimum Extra if wet activities have been  chosen
Toiletries As required  
Indoor clothing 1 Set For evening use around the centre – as appropriate to length of stay
Night wear 1 Set  
Underwear 2 per day plus  
Thick socks 5 plus normal For day walks/hikes – trainer socks are not suitable
Trousers 5 Day to day activity use, tracksuit/walking trouser style – Joggers – Not denim jeans
Long sleeved top 5 As a base layer – preferably synthetic material
T-shirts/tops 4 As another layer
Sweaters 4 minimum As a middle layer – fleeces/hoodies/woollen jumpers
Fleece/ 2 As an outer layer 
Waterproofwarm jacket 1 set Jacket and (trousers if wish)
Slippers 1 pair Or suitable indoor footwear
Footwear Minimum of 2 pairs of outdoortrainers.

See remarks >

Robust boot/shoe – suitable for day walk or similarTrainers                – a pair to get wet (If chosen)

Trainers                – for indoor use i.e. indoor climbing

Wellingtons          – ideal addition for on site activities


Hat and gloves 1 pair According to time of year
Small rucksack 1 For day walks/spare clothing
Money £10.00 maximum For tuck/souvenir shop
Torch 1  
Writing implements Set  
Drinks bottle 1 For day walk
Sun cream 


Insect repellent


  Consider these items. Appropriate and suitable protection will makeyour son/daughters stay more comfortable. Please refer to the group leader and or medical consent form
Hairclips/scrunches   To tie long hair back during activities



We do have a small stock of waterproofs and old trainers (for wet activities).

Please don’t feel that items need to be purchased specially for the trip. A good supply of robust,

versatile and fairly easy to dry items will do.


Please do not take any of the following:-  Mobile phones,  Ipads or any other tablet,  Electronic Games,  Hair Straighteners,  Hair Dryers, aerosol deodorant – roll on only.

All Medication to be passed to staff