New Reception Starters September 2020

Dear parents/ carers,

With September fast approaching, I realise that lots of you will have many questions about your child starting their journey at Kader academy. It deeply saddens me that we have been unable to offer the children the same transition as previous years due to this dreadful virus COVID19. We have worked hard to ensure that you and your child receive as much information as possible given the difficult circumstances. The list below outlines the transition materials we have in place.

We realise that this isn’t ideal and that having that special lunch with your Nursery child in preparation for Reception is a memory that will be sadly missed, but please rest assured that our Kader staff will make your child feel comfortable, happy, safe and loved. We will work hard to help them settle in and begin their Kader Journey.

We have been following Government guidance over COVID and as a result of recent announcements we have had to make some changes to the way that our Reception children start school to ensure safety for all. We have made the decision to place children into Year group bubbles. This will allow our Reception teachers to deliver a curriculum that is full, rich, and exciting. We have an elevated cleaning regime in school, which will programme in the cleaning of shared resources. We do not want your child’s start in school to change too much so have tried to keep things as normal as possible, but have naturally prioritised safety.

To begin the transition, Reception will operate a phase start. This will take place over 4 weeks.



3rd and 4th September School closed for Reception to allow Reception teachers the chance to aid transition of our current Reception children into Year 1.


Week beginning 7th September Your child will attend Reception operating on Nursery hours. This will mean they will attend school for either 3 hours on a morning or 3 hours on an afternoon. – You will be notified which category your child falls into separately.

Am – 8.30 am-11.30am

Pm- 12.15pm-3.15pm


Children will have lunch at home.


Week beginning 14th September ALL Reception children will attend school 8.40- 1.30pm.


This will allow your child to enjoy lunch at school, but go home afterwards to alleviate initial tiredness, following a sustained period away from the routine of Nursery.


Week beginning 21st September ALL Reception children will attend school for normal school (COVID) hours.

Our school day for Reception will operate from


8.40- 2.50 pm


This will allow parents to collect children safely and ease congestion on the school path. Allowing for social distancing.



All other information regarding Reception life at Kader can be found on the power point I have linked above. Please take your time to read the information carefully.

I hope this letter finds you well; we really cannot wait to meet you all and begin this journey alongside you and your child at Kader Academy. Like our school ethos states – we ‘Learn, live, laugh, love’ at Kader Academy.

 Yours Sincerely,

   Mrs Yendall          &        Mrs Mitchinson

EYFS/Y1 leader                      Principal